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Benny Ly,  Lmt


As a solo practitioner at Touch Wellness massage, I work alongside a collective of bodyworkers at Thrive Bodyworks & Massage to provide the best care for my clients. With a focus on deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, tui na, and Thai massage techniques, I bring years of experience to each session. My expertise lies in providing treatment massages for chronic pain management, injury rehabilitation, and relaxation.

For me, body work is not just about fixing one issue, but about taking a systemic and complementary approach to improving my clients' overall health and wellbeing. I believe that massage has the power to facilitate healing within the body, and I take the time to assess each client's unique needs to provide personalized care.

In addition to massage, I offer professional recommendations for lifestyle additions such as specific stretches and exercises to reduce symptoms and improve overall health. I also provide free service add-ons: hot towels, CBD oil, hot stones, cupping, gua sha, and percussion massage tools to enhance the massage experience.

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